5 Acne Myths You believed

It's time to change the way you think about these acne myths. Spot a zit on the face and you're bound to go berserk.

Aspirin is commonly used medicine in medical practice. It has got anti inflammatory effects. Even Cold Compress can be of temporarily help for reducing the size of your Acne.

Toothpastes used to contains triclosain, an ingredient with anti microbial properties, to provide safety against microbes.

Some have oily, others have dry and some deal with combination skin type. This is because each and every person’s skin type is unique.

It is one of the most common misconception among people suffering from acne that having oily food causes for flare up their acne.

Though 85℅ acne usually heals on it own. Yet there’s a large group of people whose acne doesn’t go on it’s own.

Requires medical care either using topical medications like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, adapalene (form of retinoid) Or Oral medications like isotretinoin, antibiotics.

Even those with healed acne might have acne marks and acne scars left behind on their face and might require medications.

It’s important to note that seek a board certified Dermatologist if your acne affect your emotional and mental health or if it doesn’t go away even after trying over the counter medications.

Dr Rabia Akhtar, MBBS, has perceived her graduation from India. Special Interest: Surgery, Chronic disease, Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics, Women's Health.

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